Monday, June 23, 2008

Dodge County Purple Porker Power Ranking

The guys from the team The Pickled Pig have a pretty cool website with lots of good info and some neat features that track KCBS contest results and standings. One of the very cool things they feature on their site is a Do-It-Yourself ranking feature and their very own Power Rankings feature. They have also developed a very cool option that allows teams to display their Power Rankings on their site by way of a "widget" that updates itself everytime new data is entered into the Pickled Pig Power Ranking Data.

We have displayed the ranking for Dodge County Smokers in the right hand column of this page for several weeks. It's a very cool way to track our progress throughout the year. A few days ago I wondered what the rankings for our Dodge County Purple Porker team would look like - especially since we only entered one contest under that name. Well, here is the result:

What you see there is the result of one contest. It's probably not a great representation of the Power Rankings, or our finish in the contest for that matter. Two of the categories listed didn't even apply to that contest...brisket and chicken were replaced with whole hog and pork loin. But seeing as this is only contest where those two categories count toward the grand champion for the competition, it wouldn't make sense to keep track of them.

Our 4th place overall finish does count for something though. As of June 24th at 9:40am, it ranks our performance as 213 of 525. It will be interesting to see the numbers change as the summer goes on and the contest season hits full stride.

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