Thursday, January 29, 2009

Butcher BBQ: New Sponsor for '09

With the start of the 2009 competition season here in the Midwest just a few weeks away, we are proud to welcome a new sponsor on board for the Dodge County Smokers BBQ Team. We will join a select assembly of competition teams supported by Butcher BBQ of Chandler, OK.

David Bouska is the head cook of the Butcher BBQ Team. He also owns and operates David’s Processing, a small meat processing plant in Central Oklahoma, so it goes with out saying that this guy knows his stuff. More than 25 years of working in meat markets and plants gave David the know-how to produce some very good products. And we’re not talking about rubs and sauces here…these are specific marinade and injection blends that really do make a difference if producing flavorful, juicy, tender beef and pork.

Actually, using Butcher BBQ products will be nothing new for us. We started using David’s brisket marinade not long after it was introduced and added the pork injection a few months after that. It was part of our arsenal for the entire 2008 season and we are looking forward to upholding the high standards set by Butcher BBQ.

I am a real believer in this stuff. Case in point: In 2007 brisket was our worst category. In 2008 (after we started using Butcher) it was our best, helping us snag 7 Top 5 finishes. And our pork was equally impressive, helping us win 2nd place in whole hog, 3rd in shoulder and 4th overall at the World Pork Expo’s BBQLossal. For even more winning examples, including David’s first place pork entry at last year’s Jack Daniel’s Invitational, visit the Butcher BBQ Winners Circle.

Competition and backyard cooks alike can benefit from checking out the brisket and pork marinades from Butcher BBQ. Check out the website:

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