Wednesday, August 12, 2009

BBQ & A: Round One

Here is the first installment of the soon-to-be wildly popular "BBQ & A" series.

The concept is pretty simple: I am going to ask three respected competition cooks one question each week and they will share all the juicy details right here. Oh, and for those of you wondering if you can troll out some winning secrets from this...I doubt it, but you can try!

I am going to try and update this each Wednesday with new cooks and questions. I am going to try and keep the questions relatively short and the answer will be too I imagine, so it should make for a quick read. I hope you enjoy it.

This week's featured cooks are David Bouska of Butcher BBQ, Steph Wilson of the The and Rod Gray of Pellet Envy.

Q: Are there any teams out there that you find particularly hard to beat? Could you name two or three?

David: That list shouldn't be limited to 3, when we compete in Oklahoma there is always Twin Oaks, Buffalo's, Head Country II, Little Pig Town, and all the teams that come in from Kansas, you know who you are. I have said a hundred times, "I'm scared of all of them!"

Steph: We were taught by Smokin' in the Boys Room that no matter who or how many teams are there.....they have to beat you. There's a lot of good teams out there and quite a few are our friends.....we cheer just as hard for their accomplishments as we hope to accomplish for ourselves.

Rod: This is an interesting year. Munchin' Hogs at the Hilton, 4 Legs Up BBQ and Pellet Envy have butted heads too many times already. We've traded blows, each of us coming out on top. Iowa's Smokey D's BBQ is another team that's hard to beat. In fact, I predict that Darren will win the KCBS Team of the Year. As for as beating teams or being beat by teams, any given weekend, especially when you cook over 30 events each year, it's all a blur. One thing that nobody, and I mean nobody, is going to beat us in though is cleanliness. When you're sponsored by Greased Lightning, cleanliness leaps past godliness.

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