Monday, August 31, 2009

One Minute Monday...almost

Last weekend Chris and I drove four hours from home, stayed up too late cooking, slept outside and froze our butts off (temps dipped in the low 50's! It's August, right?) and tried like hell to make everything we cooked perfect for a discriminating set of judges. No, we didn't cook in a BBQ contest. We cooked for a party of almost 150 people at my Dad's shop in rural North Bend, NE.

We had an absolute blast. We cooked a 135lb whole hog, a few racks of ribs, sausage, chicken and mess of stuffed jalepanos. We had as much fun cooking for this crowd as we do cooking a contest. The occasion was a combination preharvest party and my sister (S)Melissa's engagment party.

I'll have pictures up soon. I don't get a chance to cook for groups of of this size where I know almost everyone there, so this was a pretty cool experience for me. Competition cooking is still my favorite reason to light up the smoker, but this was a pretty cool experience.


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